Work in Progress

Modernized Mi-24

Combat Utility Helicopter

Rugged Design

Spare Parts Support

Combat Proven

Cargo Capacity

2400 kg


4 mm

Servce Ceiling

4.9 km

In partnership with Paramount Group TAM Management provides modernization package Super Hind for Mi-24 and Mi-35 attack helicopters.  

The Super Hind modernization package consists of installing modern navigation, computer, and weapons systems that can be controlled with new multi-functional displays and sighting systems.

Over 50 helicopters have been upgraded to Mi-24 Super Hind variant and they are in service with militaries of Azerbaijan and Algeria.

Western & Eastern Munitions

Operational Conditions

All Weather

Electronic Protection

Basic or Full EW Suite

Weapons System

Look & Shoot Turret

Download Documentation

Mi-24 Mk. IV Brochure

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Mi-24 Mk IV Factsheet

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