Work in Progress


TAM Management LLC is a private Georgian aerospace manufacturer founded in 2015.  The factory is staffed with qualified personnel with many years of experience in aircraft construction.

The main activities of the company are the design, production, repair, and overhaul of military and civil aviation products.

The company carries out business activities on the basis of the following general licenses defined by the current legislation of Georgia:

  • General license for repair of military products (including modernization and on-site service)
  • General license for Trade of Military Goods
  • General license for the production of military products

In order to ensure the start-up and successful development of the factory, the company carried out complete reconstruction of the obsolete workshop and equipped it with the latest technical equipment.

The workshop meets the internationally accepted standards, both in terms of technical (including seismic resistance, fire safety), as well as labor safety ensuring a safe working environment.

The company’s management system is based on the best practices of corporate governance. The workshop holds international quality assurance certificates – ISO 9001 since 2016 and EN 9100 since 2018.